My heart has seen too many dawns


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Pierre Clement 


g. olmo stuppia 

Opening Brunch with sicilian food 1st oct.  h11

Spazio Aita 

Via Chiavettieri 29, 90133, Palermo, Sicily (Vucciria) 



Cassata Drone Expanded Archive




On the official program of Palermo Art Week, Cassata Drone Expanded Archive presents Pierre Clement’s first solo exhibition in Sicily, consisting of a site-specific production of unprecedented bas-reliefs and sculptures. The French artist (Tarbes,1981) – who bases his work on a techno-scientific synthesis which pushes the retinal-critical space to its limits – aims at reinterpreting and combining anew the total militarization of bodies and public spaces surrounding us in nowadays viral and turbo-capitalist society.

The multi-layered “biological” response prompted by the artist gives us a sense of the intimate pain caused by living in an asphyxiated world that is built on an imaginary negative religion of representation and on an endless muscular demonstration of the control apparatus.

After the exhibition Preferire l’ombra, featuring the international artist James Bridle, who also left a tangible and permanent mark in Palermo thanks the curator Giacomo Pigliapoco and Luca Gennati, Pierre Clement takes us back to an arena where viral society, suicidal impulses and uncertain responses to an algorithmic society are fighting each other to death.

The exhibition is curated by g. olmo stuppia and it is part of the Palermo-Paris exchange made with the Poush Manifesto space where g. olmo stuppia has been working during a residency period from the 19th of July to 20th of September 2021.



“My heart has seen too many dawns – Il mio cuore ha visto troppe albe” 

solo show by Pierre Clement 

curated by g. olmo Stuppia

produced by Cassata Drone Expanded Archive 

Palermo Art Week Mapping the Local curated by Maria Abramenko 


The exhibition can be visited free of charge 

from 1st Oct. to 3th Oct 2021 from 11 a.m. to 13 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. 


By appointment from October 4th to October 20th 2021

+39 3347374093

access is allowed according to the current regulation by the Italian government 



g. olmo stuppia


Assistant to the project

Jessica Pividori   


Production assistant 

Loredana Grasso 


Graphic designer

Roberto Vito D’Amico 


thanks to

Maria Abramenko

Adriano La Licata founder of Spazio Aita 

Enrica Laura 

Giulia Anselmo


official contacts 

tel +39 3347374093