Interviews , archive and special encounters with Cinema’s professionals 

The image-time that dwells, despite the platforms of standards gaze, within Sicily Region. The Island of Volcanoes and layers, ” la terra degli Dei” . The land of scream  from the sky and mythological architectural forms.
Cinema is mythology: archaeology of the future.





CDEA meets Cristiana Perrella, Milano Design Film Festival Director

Cinema Anteo 2024


Interview on Tobby by Hansjurgen Pohland with Gudi Fischelscher and Danny Fischelscher



Berlinale74  focus on Archive and EFM Market Italian Pavilion 

Interview Chiara Sbarigia, Presidente Cinecittà

Interview with Federico Ielapi (Actor, Pinocchio 2019)


Special interviews at Berlinale73

-Discoboy by Giacomo Abbruzzese,

exclusive interviene at Regent’s Hotel Berlin, thanks to Dugong Film and Hoops PR

Artribune text interview 


Special Interview with Juanita Onzaga, 

Jury at Generation14Plus , Berlinale73

Grimm’s Hotel


We thanks all actors, directors, production makers, workers and Independent people that make festivals happen despite the conservative forces strikes.





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