Main Program


Cassata Drone (#CD; #CassataDrone) is an independent exhibition involving Raqs Media Collective, MDR (Maria D Rapicavoli) and Stefano Cagol within a private house that, for the first time, opens itself to the public.  Vernissage 14 june 2018 h18.30 – finissage: 5 Oct. 2018.  

Cassata Drone is conceived by g. olmo stuppia and curated by Giovanni Rendina. The three artists will be interacting with one room each transforming them into three different immersive installations.  Built in the fascist style, the apartment is located at 21 Via Malta, 90133, Palermo, Sicily .  The project was created to investigate the layers of the typical Palermo cake “Cassata Siciliana” and the presence of military drones (UCAV) in Sicily as its contemporary representation. 

Cassata Drone Collateral Program counts a series of complex activities – based in Sicily – as Walkscape, Workshop, Radioemission, Publications among others. #cassatadronecollateralprogram #cassatadrone2018

After the great #CASSATACONNECTION official closing party feat the great Joie Iacono and Alexander Darkish of the exhibition at #VILLAVIRGINIA, we are proud to be able to continue the exhibition opening up until the beginning of October 2018.
Upon Appointment only:
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Stefano Cagol, The Body of Energy © cassatadrone, F. Cutitta




Raqs Media Collective, Cassata Subuction © cassatadrone, F. Cuttita







MDR (Maria D. Rapicavoli), Crooked Incline © cassatadrone, F. Cuttita









Collateral Program


20-21 October 2018,  Cassata Drone Expanded Archive at MACRO, Museum Of Contemporary Art of Rome – feat. a performance by Corinne Mazzoli “The Party Wall” –  


3-9 October 2018, La Sughereta, international workshop by Andrea Masu (Alterazioni Video), in the Natural Reserve of Niscemi. The cork-oak reserve. coordinators: Corinne Mazzoli and g. olmo stuppia. 

DOWNLOAD HERE ALL THE INFORMATION and the program day by day:






24th august 2018 from 18 to 23.55 , LOCUSART (Thale Fastvold and Tanja Thorjussen), will perform “Guilded tree nr 3 Palermo” at #cassatadronespace #viamalta21 ringbell Cassata Drone – 6th floor – Further information and Facebook event HERE.  

This event is generously supported by OCA Norway















image © Locusart and Cassata Drone 


12 the june, performance The Body Of Energy  with Stefano Cagol at Piazza Borsa – powered by Innogy Cultural Stiftung and Provincia Autonoma di Trento with secondary Class student by Istituto Comprensivo Arenella

TBOE – Palermo Piazza Borsa from Cassata Drone on Vimeo.


7.05.2018 – 11.05.2018 Workshop  with Istituto Comprensivo Arenella, tutoring with Vanessa Ambrosecchio and curated by g. olmo stuppia & Giovanni Rendina, special guest Corinne Mazzoli (visual artist), Palermo. Please click here for Italian language workshop schedule. 



06.05.2018 The Party Wall performance by Corinne Mazzoli at Sigonella Nas 1 US Navy bridge (Catania, Sicily). The Party Wall was designed during the international residency at Casa Rio by the Venice based artist. The Party Wall is a performance born out from a reflection on the global phenomenon of urban fencification and the militarization of public security, with a focus on Rio de Janeiro during a five-week residency at Casa Rio. During the performance in Sigonella, where is present a military drone base, the artist transformed her performance in a new site specific context. 









27.04.2018 Workshop-presentation at Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo, Aula Blu Cobalto thanks to Claudia di Gangi and Francesco de Grandi 

image poster © Marco Casella 












29.03 – 12.04.2018  Tintu è cu nun mancia a cassata pi Pasqua, A path to understand the Sicilian landscape – walkscape workshop from Sigonella to Palermo, Sicily (press release here)

image poster © Marco Casella 














23.03.2018 Performance  Cassata Drone public launch

Like the sound of an Earthquake, Turin, Barrieracontemporanea made possibile by IDRONI Torino



© Bianca Asmara Curti, 2018; Associazione Barriera, Torino.