Dono, Cammino




Maria Luigia Gioffrè (Londra) 

Il Pavone Audiovisioni (Palermo, Genny Petrotta, Domenico Palmeri, Emilio Orofino, Sergio Minaldi) – project runned by Il Ponte di Archimede Produzioni 

Loris Gentile (Milano, feat. Greta Pasini e Michele Zanotti)

Studio Calas (Vienna, David Calas, Anna Fastnacht, Judith Raupp, Sven Wuttej)


Architecture, actions, paths, performances, radio, video and images. To give a stronger visual grammar to the “Città tutta Porto”. 


Cassata Drone Expanded Archive



Dono, Cammino (Gift, Walkscape)


Dono, cammino is the Summer Program 2019 by Cassata Drone Expanded Archive curated by the artist g. olmo stuppia.
The program is based on the targeted intervention in Palermo, with the idea to donate time, captivate and look at the layers starting from the dichotomy cassata-drone, which has already developed a lot by transforming the project into Archivio Espanso.
Cassata Drone Expanded Archive takes on the appearance of a long-term performative unicuum, making Sicily and Palermo the metaphor of contemporaneity.
Through the Gift programme, Cammino does not abandon the Island but relaunches it after Manifesta12, bringing for the first time to Sicily critical proposals from artists and architectural collectives capable of giving the city a visionary plot, of using their bodies and their profession with a polyphonic approach to the linguistic stratifications of Sicily.
A new formal grammar – uneven – and never stereotyped – of Sicily through a research on the “all port” urbe as on the Cassata Siciliana and on the drones, the machines of today, not of the future.
The involved artists will live in depth the skin and heart of Palermo, accompanied by local artists to interlink their experience in an expansive rhizomatic platform.




From 10 to 20 July 2019 – public open studio 23 july h19.30 at Via Malta 21
Maria Luigia Gioffrè will be artist in residence and will focus on the nuns who knead sweets with ricotta, revitalizing her performance practice through the gestures and history of Cassata Siciliana. A story that has its roots in the Arab heritage of Palermo and Sicily itself, in all the variations of the situation.
Her intervention will be site specific both in public form and in Via Malta 21 in the spaces of Cassata Drone Expanded Archive.



From 4 to 9 August 2019
The collective Il Pavone will be artist in residence together with g. olmo stuppia in the Sicilian countryside realizing the production of a site-specific film focused on the narrative of phantom secret flights of CIA and narco-traffickers that took place above Monte Cofano in Castelluzzo (Castellamare, Sicily) in the late ’80s. The production will be carried out on the road thanks to the support of


From 9 to 15 August

Habitus-Taz is a multi-media investigation, starting from the deep observation of the historical, social and spatial actuality of Palermo. The study will result in the gathering of a series of ‘living’ costumes; freestanding sculptures made of found clothes, and collected waste materials from different places around the city. Loris Gentile along with Greta Pasini, and Michele Zanotti, will develop the digital, editorial and sculptural pieces. Collaborating together, these artists will work on the production of site-specific videos, while enhancing them to be available on social media platforms. These installations will demonstrate a new way of understanding the culturally rich heritage of this antique city, through a contemporary approach of sharing experiences.


From 9 to 22 September
The Collettivo d’architettura Studio Calas will be an artist-in-residence for the first time in Palermo to elaborate the transformation of the city over unrestricted models through paths, maps and emotional perceptions.

Other artists may appear, breaking away from programmatic stillness throughout the period and beyond. After this experience, there will be an exhibition and Cassata Drone Expanded Archive will become a fluid nomadic subject, not necessarily fixed in one place.

Along with these stays, Cassata’s Drone Expanded Archive Radio (FM and streaming) will be used with unpublished interviews with artists of the calibre of Bo Zheng, Roee Rosen together with voices of Sicilian citizens with perspectives on the here and now, out of the past.

Il Dono, Cammino (Gift, Walkscape) is CDEA’s Summer Program 2019 and aims to feed the artistic community of Cassata Drone Expanded Archive and the interpersonal art platform it has created by listening to Palermo and the Sicilian Region with humility, time, criticism and self-criticism to grow, in other words “create worlds”. With the aim of knowing what has still to be seen in Palermo and in the (there is always much under the surface), to open up to the public and try to transform the existing in a continuous breeding ground of attention, research and form on the dichotomy cassata-drone to discuss not only the deadly machines but the entire mode of art-life in order to get out of the thanatocratic vision.

In November 2019, the website will launch a call for proposals for a young artist and a young Sicilian curator/artist who will be able to represent the experience in a residence in Milan-Venice.


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City of Palermo, Area Cultura

Goethe-Institut Palermo, Joy Rent SRL, Ruvolo Maqueda, Il Ponte di Archimede Produzioni among many others